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Martin Yale  |  SKU: DL-CG25253-1

Trade Lam 3.0 mil Glossy Laminating Film - Element Series (25" in x 250" ft)

$94.55 $142.08
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Product Specifications
Film Type Trade Lam Co-Polymer
Film Width 25 inch
Film Length 250 ft
Film Thickness 3.0 mil
Finish Gloss
Core Size 1 inch
Compatible With LPE6510, LPP6512, LPP1112, CL-27, CL-40
Quantity 2 rolls
Product Description:

Elevate your laminating experience with the Trade Lam Co-Polymer Glossy Laminating Film. Designed for use with Dry Lam Element Laminators, this film combines quality and value to deliver exceptional results. With a glossy finish and a thickness of 3.0 mil, this film is perfect for achieving a professional look in your laminated documents.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with this glossy laminating film. Compatible with a range of laminators including LPE6510, LPP6512, and CL-27, this film is versatile and easy to use. Whether you are laminating signs, posters, or documents, the Trade Lam Glossy Laminating Film ensures a smooth and durable finish every time.

  • Trade Lam 3.0 mil Glossy Laminating Film from the Element Series offers high clarity and a low melting temperature, ensuring a crisp finish.
  • Formulated with co-polymer materials, this laminating film provides unparalleled clarity, making it ideal for professional lamination projects.

Enhance your laminating projects with the Trade Lam 3.0 mil Glossy Laminating Film. This film, with a width of 25 inches and a length of 250 feet, is designed to deliver top-notch results with its glossy finish and 3.0 mil thickness. The co-polymer material ensures clarity and durability, making it suitable for professional use.

Whether you are creating signage, preserving important documents, or enhancing visual materials, this laminating film is a reliable choice. Compatible with various laminator models, including LPE6510, LPP6512, and CL-27, it offers versatility and ease of use for a wide range of laminating needs.

Martin Yale

Trade Lam 3.0 mil Glossy Laminating Film - Element Series (25" in x 250" ft)

$94.55 $142.08

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