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MBM  |  SKU: CU0494VP

MBM VRCut Triumph 7260 Paper Cutter Package

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Product Specifications
Name MBM TriumphTM 7260
Cutting width, inches 28
Cutting height, inches 3
Narrow cut, inches 3/4 (3 1/2*)
Length behind blade, inches 28 3/8
Electrical requirements 220 V, 3 phase
Motor output, horsepower 2
Dimensions (D x W x H), inches 60 1/2 x 51 x 52 1/2
Shipping weight, pounds 1,534
Product Description:

The MBM Triumph 7260 Automatic Paper Cutter is a programmable hydraulic machine designed for large workplaces, offering a cutting width of 28” and a cutting height of 3”. With the innovative VRCut software, this cutter provides precise cutting instructions and features a cut-line indicator for accuracy.

  • Equipped with an adjustable hydraulic clamp and a digital touchpad, the 7260 cutter ensures a smooth cutting process with high precision.
  • The VRCut controller allows for error-free operations, with the capability to store up to 99 programs, each with 99 steps, enhancing efficiency and workflow.
  • For safety, the machine features a patented EASY CUT system for two-hand operation, an IR safety curtain, safety cover, safety lock, and a disc brake, prioritizing operator well-being.

The MBM Triumph 7260 Automatic Paper Cutter package includes essential accessories such as cutter sticks, side tables for accurate height adjustment, and cutting knives for optimal performance.

Backed by a 1-year limited warranty (excluding wearables), this German-manufactured cutter is ideal for large offices seeking safe, efficient, and productive paper cutting solutions.