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MBM  |  SKU: ES0791

MBM ES8500 Pressure Sealer

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Product Specifications
Product Name MBM ES8500 Pressure Sealer
Manufacturer MBM
SKU ES0791
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 15 X 17 x 24
Hopper Capacity (sheets) 700
Max. Paper Weight (lbs.) 28
Type of Pressure Sealer Tabletop Pressure Sealer
Function Seal
Anti-Jam System Yes
Power Supply (Volts) 110v AC
User Type Medium Office
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 9000
Operation Type Automatic
Additional Features Anti jam, user friendly, reverse friction roller
Product Description:

The MBM ES8500 is a tabletop pressure sealer designed for heavy-duty pressure sealing tasks. With a large infeed capacity of up to 700 sheets, this machine can efficiently process sets of sheets, enhancing productivity in office environments. The unit features an auto stop and start function, contributing to energy savings and environmental friendliness.

Equipped with a reverse friction roller and a cooling fan, the MBM ES8500 ensures quiet operations, making it ideal for office settings. It boasts a processing speed of 9,000 sheets per hour, improving efficiency in handling large volumes of documents. The machine can automatically detect and correct double feeds, reducing errors and streamlining the sealing process.

  • The MBM ES8500 has a user-friendly operator panel with a multi-sensor monitoring system, providing real-time updates on the sealing process.
  • Featuring a jam removal kit on the front for easy access, this pressure sealer helps eliminate jams quickly, ensuring smooth operation.
  • With a batch counter and the ability to detect sheet thickness, the MBM ES8500 offers precise control over the sealing process.

Capable of holding up to 350 sealed sheets, the MBM ES8500 is a suitable choice for medium to large offices with heavy sealing requirements. Its compact design and durable construction make it a reliable solution for businesses looking to streamline their pressure sealing tasks.


MBM ES8500 Pressure Sealer


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