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Martin Yale  |  SKU: 6G

Martin Yale 6G Master 6" Countertop Catalog Rack

$65.95 $112.10
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Product Specifications
Category Desk Accessories
Dimensions 8 x 10.5 x 5.5 inch
Weight 5.3 lb
UPC Code 15086101305
Product Description:

Effortlessly organize catalogs, magazines, and loose-leaf materials with the Martin Yale 6G Master 6" Countertop Catalog Rack. The hinged design allows for quick and convenient setup, saving you time and effort. Featuring a filling capacity of 6" and 18" wing-to-wing length, this rack offers ample space for your materials.

The 30° angled countertop racks ensure optimal viewing, making it easy to browse through content while standing. Experience the convenience of the unique tongue and groove system for effortless insertion and removal of sections. Customize your setup with available accessories such as ring sections, post sections, and indexing sets (sold separately).

Elevate your workspace with the Martin Yale 6G Master 6" Countertop Catalog Rack. Designed to enhance organization and professionalism, this rack offers a sleek solution for displaying your reading materials. The angled design provides a clear view of content, while the hinged setup ensures easy assembly. With a focus on efficiency and space-saving functionality, this catalog rack is a must-have for any office or business looking to streamline their presentation of materials.

Martin Yale

Martin Yale 6G Master 6" Countertop Catalog Rack

$65.95 $112.10

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