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Lassco Wizer  |  SKU: W171-1

Lassco Wizer Drill-Ease Wax Sticks Drill Lubricant (3 pk)

$24.28 $27.92
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Product Specifications
Product Name Lassco Wizer Drill-Ease Wax Sticks Drill Lubricant (3 pk)
Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
SKU W171-1
Product Type Paper Drill Lubricant
Compatible Products Lassco Wizer Drill Machines
Product Description:

The Spinnit EBM-2.1 Single Spindle is an innovative paper drill designed for processing a 500-sheet ream of paper with precision. With a 2-inch drilling capacity, this machine effortlessly drills through stacks of paper. The E-Z Glide table system with pattern bars enables smooth movement between holes, making multi-hole drilling simple.

  • Convenient release levers on both sides of the table for easy operation
  • Adjustable side stops maintain alignment and manageability of output
  • No special setup required, user-friendly operation
  • Includes five drilling patterns for versatility
  • Features a 5/16” drill bit for hassle-free drilling

This sleek bench model from Spinnit is a durable investment, ensuring years of reliable performance. The machine comes equipped with a Sharpening Stone, Chip Clearer, Spin-Eze Drill Bit Lubricant, and a 5/16" Diameter Paper Drill Bit for a seamless drilling experience. Additionally, it offers the option to accessorize with Drill Strips and Style A 2-Inch capacity Hollow Paper Drill Bits, expanding its functionality.

Lassco Wizer

Lassco Wizer Drill-Ease Wax Sticks Drill Lubricant (3 pk)

$24.28 $27.92

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