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Lassco Wizer  |  SKU: CU316

Lassco Cornerounder 3/16" Special Size Cutting Unit

$187.68 $215.83
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Product Specifications
Product Name Lassco Cornerounder 3/16" Special Size Cutting Unit
Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Quantity Per Pack 1
Compatible Products Lassco Wizer CR-20, CR-50B, CR-50, CR-50P and CR-50XP Corner Rounders
Product Type Cutting Unit
Product Description:

The Lassco Cornerounder 3/16" Special Size Cutting Unit is a cutting-edge tool designed for use with Lassco Wizer corner rounder models CR-20, CR-50B, CR-50-P, CR-50XP, and CR-50. This cutting unit can effortlessly hold up to a 1/2" stack of products, allowing for efficient and precise cutting operations.

  • Easy to install on the Lassco Corner rounding equipment, this cutting unit seamlessly integrates with the existing machinery, enhancing its functionality and versatility.

Whether you need to round corners for business cards, promotional materials, or other custom products, this cutting unit ensures a professional finish with its specialized 3/16" cutting size. The compatibility with various Lassco Wizer corner rounders makes it a versatile addition to your workspace, catering to a range of cutting needs with ease.

Lassco Wizer

Lassco Cornerounder 3/16" Special Size Cutting Unit

$187.68 $215.83

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