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HSM  |  SKU: HSM6820

HSM FP3000 Barrel Crusher

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Spec Sheet: View PDF File

Product Specifications
Cycle time 33 seconds
Pressing Material Barrels
Loading Height 43.0 inch
Pressing Power 27 ton
Electrical Requirements 480 V / 60 Hz
Weight 2138.48
Dimensions 45.98 x 37.8 x 113.86 inch
EAN 4026631055147.0
UPC Code 6820100
Product Description:

The HSM FP3000 Barrel Crusher is a powerful industrial machine designed to efficiently reduce the volume of barrel drums by up to 95%. With a pressing power of 27 tons, this crusher is capable of handling light metal and rolled hoop barrels, making it a versatile solution for various industrial applications.

  • The sturdy design of the HSM FP3000 features a low installation height and small footprint, maximizing space efficiency in your workspace.
  • Equipped with a membrane keypad and LED display, this barrel crusher prioritizes operator safety, ensuring a secure working environment.
  • The enclosed sides of the crusher not only enhance safety but also reduce dust, maintaining a clean and healthy workspace.
  • Benefit from low-maintenance and durable electro-hydraulics, providing reliability and longevity for continuous operation.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the HSM FP3000 Barrel Crusher, an essential tool for reducing barrel volume and improving operational productivity.

Video of HSM FP3000 Barrel Crusher


HSM FP3000 Barrel Crusher


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