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GBC  |  SKU: 4000068

GBC Premium 1/2" BlackPlastic Combs 100pk

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Product Specifications
Product Name GBC Premium 1/2" BlackPlastic Combs 100pk
Manufacturer GBC
SKU 4000068
Binding Type Comb
Quantity Per Pack 100
Sheet Capacity 85
Color Black
Comb Size 1/2"
Product Description:

GBC Premium 1/2" BlackPlastic Combs 100pk are designed for compatibility with standard comb binding systems, offering a convenient solution for organizing and presenting documents. With 19 ring binding combs suitable for 11" paper and covers, these combs allow you to bind up to 85 sheets per project using the 1/2" easy-editable binding comb.

  • Compatible with standard comb binding systems

  • 19 ring binding combs for 11" paper and covers

  • Bind up to 85 sheet project with 1/2" easy editable binding comb

These black plastic combs come in a pack of 100, offering durability and reliability for your binding needs. Whether you are creating reports, presentations, manuals, or other documents, these combs provide a professional and secure binding solution. The 1/2" comb size ensures a neat and organized appearance while allowing for easy editing or adding/removing pages as needed.