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Formax  |  SKU: FD 7202-Special 2F

Formax FD 7202-Special 2F High Volume Modular Inserter

$70,950.00 $81,592.50
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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax FD 7202-Special 2F High Volume Modular Inserter
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 7202-Special 2F
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 36” H x 107” W x 25” D
Envelope Hopper Capacity (Envelopes) 800
Setup Autoset, one-touch setup
Speed (Pieces/hr) 5000
Duty Cycle (Pieces/month) 200,000
Feed Stations w/ Sheet Capacity 2 High Capacity Feed Station with 1000 sheet capacity each
Vertical Stacker Capacity (Filled Envelopes) 4-foot Output Conveyor
Max. sheet Size (H") 3.63 - 16
Warranty 90 day parts and labor
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 110V
Optional Accessories High-Capacity Versatile Feeders, Envelope Sorter/Diverter, Catch Tray, Sorter Catch Tray Pressure
Programmable Fold Applications Unlimited
Programmable Fold Applications Unlimited
Fold Types C, V, Z, Double Parallel, no fold
Double Feed Detection Yes
Envelope Size (W") 8.9 - 13
Envelope Size (H") 3.9 - 10
Max. sheet Size (W") 5.75 - 12
Product Description:

The Formax FD 7202-Special 2F High Volume Modular Inserter is a powerful machine designed for high-volume mailing tasks. Equipped with 2 high-capacity feeders, each capable of holding 1000 sheets, this inserter offers a total feed capacity of 2000 sheets, providing efficiency in processing large quantities of mail.

With the flexibility to add up to 17 additional stations as needed, the Formax FD 7202-Special 2F can handle a monthly duty cycle of 200,000 pieces, ensuring enhanced productivity for busy office environments. Its ability to process 5000 pieces per hour makes it a reliable solution for time-sensitive mailing requirements.

  • Automatic job setup simplifies the process by quickly configuring documents and envelopes for insertion, saving valuable time.
  • Unlimited programmable jobs can be stored, allowing for easy access to frequently used settings and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Mechanical double document detection ensures accurate insertions, reducing errors and enhancing the quality of finished mail pieces.
  • The inserter supports various fold types, including C, Z, Half, Double Parallel, and no fold, catering to diverse mailing needs.
  • Featuring a four-foot-high capacity output conveyor, the Formax FD 7202-Special 2F can efficiently hold finished envelope pieces, streamlining the production process.
  • Custom-designed cabinets with casters provide convenient and movable storage options, optimizing space utilization in the office environment.
  • For continuous processing, feeders can be linked in cascade mode, allowing for seamless operation and increased productivity.
  • Support for flat insertion by feeding landscape format flat envelopes adds versatility to the inserter's capabilities.

Overall, the Formax FD 7202-Special 2F is a reliable and efficient solution for high-volume mailing tasks, making it ideal for large offices that require fast and accurate processing of mail pieces. Backed by a 90-day warranty on parts and labor, this inserter offers durability and performance assurance for long-term use.


Formax FD 7202-Special 2F High Volume Modular Inserter

$70,950.00 $81,592.50

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