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FireKing  |  SKU: SB2014-BLEL

FireKing Depository Safe (High Security Lock with Drop Slot)

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Spec Sheet: View PDF File

Product Description:

Key Features:

  • Mail-Box Drop Slot for convenient cash deposits
  • Programmable Electronic Lock for strict access control
  • Heavy-Duty Door and Locking Bolts for formidable security
  • Drill Resistant Hard Plate for added protection
  • Full-Length Deadbolt and Bolt-Down Kit for enhanced safety
  • User-Friendly UL Electronic Lock and Generous Drop Slot

FireKing Depository Safe

Elevate the safety of your retail environment with the FireKing Depository Safe, a robust and reliable solution for protecting your cash assets. This safe is engineered with the unique needs of retail operations in mind, providing a secure and user-friendly way to maintain the integrity of your daily deposits.

Advanced Security Features

Designed with a convenient drop slot, this safe allows staff to deposit cash with ease, while the innovative anti-fish mechanism ensures deposited items cannot be unlawfully retrieved. Tailor access precisely with the programmable lock, granting entry only to those with authorized codes, thus ensuring strict access control in sensitive environments.

Fortified Construction

The safe boasts a formidable ½” thick steel door and robust 1 ¼” diameter locking bolts, creating a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry. The lock area is further reinforced with a drill resistant hard plate, offering an additional layer of security to resist tampering and drilling attempts.

Enhanced Safety Measures

For added security, this safe includes a full-length, hinge-side deadbolt that acts as an additional point of resistance against forced entry. Anchor your safe firmly to the floor with the included bolt-down kit, deterring any attempts to remove the safe from its location.

User and Environment-Friendly

Navigate your security with ease thanks to the UL-listed electronic lock, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. A 6" drop slot provides ample space for a variety of deposit items, from cash envelopes to bulky daily receipts.

Outstanding Customer Service

Your investment is accompanied by a 1-year warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, giving you additional peace of mind. Backed by FireKing's commitment to customer satisfaction, you have access to exceptional support for any queries or assistance you may need.

With the FireKing Depository Safe, you’re not just choosing a safe; you’re choosing a partner in the protection of your retail operations. Secure your cash, secure your peace of mind, and fortify your business against threats with FireKing’s unparalleled security solutions.